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Timothia Sellers-Hogan

A person with medium-length hair and wearing a gray turtleneck top


Timothia “Timi” Sellers-Hogan is a mother, a writer, an Emmy nominated sound engineer, a pilot, a producer, a personal growth consultant, an inspirational speaker, and a business entrepreneur. She is the truest example of a modern-day Renaissance woman. Get funny kids books for sale on our website. Born and raised in New York City, Timothia studied sound engineering at The Institute of Audio Research and quickly rose in her field to garner an Emmy Nomination for her work on the first season of Mr. Robot. Timothia is the Executive Producer of Creative Path Productions LLC, a New York-based film production company she created and is currently working on a documentary. The company will also focus on feature films and streaming content. Get classic kids books for sale. In addition to working tirelessly as an entrepreneur, Timothia still manages to devote her time and resources to charities like UnstoppableFoundation.org and other organizations that feed children and the homeless. As a pilot, Timothia soars into the horizon with the wind on her wings. As an author, Timothia delves into topics that help children navigate serious matters in a simple, educational and fun way. Her love of life is boundless. Her devotion to using her gifts to make this world a better place is endless.