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Timothia Sellers-Hogan

About the Author

Timothia “Timi” Sellers-Hogan is a mother, a writer, an Emmy nominated sound engineer, a pilot, a producer, a personal growth consultant, an inspirational speaker and a business entrepreneur. She is the truest example of a modern-day Renaissance woman.

Born and raised in New York City, Timothia studied sound engineering at The Institute of Audio Research and quickly rose in her field to garner an Emmy Nomination for her work on the first season of Mr. Robot.

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Tips for Parents & Kids

  • Encourage walking to school and getting active as a family
  • Encourage them to dance to their favourite music
  • Get them to shateboard, bike or run insted of getting a ride
  • Replace computer and TV time with something active
  • Have them rake the leaves, shovel snow or carry the groceries

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