My son Theo & I LOVE your book. He immediately pointed and laughed when he saw Woodrow the cat, and smiled at Jon. The meaning behind the story is such a nice message to teach my son at an early age. We can’t wait for the next book!

- Love, Charlie & Theo

The Wonderful Adventures of Woodrow the Cat is a perfect blend of storytelling and teaching. The book will capture a child’s imagination, while seamlessly imparting a valuable lesson. Learning is best when fun is folded into the mix and Timothia manages to blend the two with flair. Being different doesn’t need to be scary and in this magical book “Timi” shows us learning important things like this, isn’t scary either and really can be great fun.

- Colleen Callan, Investigative Reporter

The Wonderful Adventures of Woodrow the Cat is a beautifully illustrated, heartwarming story that entertains and teaches children the importance of making decisions, and that some decisions will impact their lives in ways they could not see coming. Timothia’s brilliant choice to bring such visually different characters together shows children that rather than exclude those who are different, recognize that we are all different and celebrate it! Love this book!

- Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author

The Wonderful Adventures of Woodrow the Cat is a wonderful story with beautiful illustrations that children can relate to and enjoy. It is written in a way that children can easily understand, and the adorable characters keep children engaged until the very end. Timothia Sellers-Hogan teaches children that decision making also applies to friendship; you’ll never know when those decisions will pay off as they did for Woodrow. I thoroughly recommend this book as a great story and as a positive tool in a child’s life.”

- Judy O’Beirn, creator and co-author of the International Bestselling series Unwavering Strength

“I have this book. It's such an awesome book.”

- Mella